Red and white color website

10 Colors you should be using for your Ecommerce site

Color psychology is a fascinating and complex topic. It’s influence on how we perceive the environment can be subtle or overpowering. Overall, blue is the most universally liked color. Red is the most persuasive, for better or worse.

Sample Website layout

Website Layouts that Sell

What does your ecommerce store have in common with a magazine? They both the magazine and your website communicate with words and pictures. Although you may have never thought of it in this exact way, your store is essentially narrating a story to your customers.

Custom Drupal Form

How to create a custom Drupal 8 Form

If your like many of the Drupal 7 developers or other php developers just getting started with Drupal 8 you may be scratching your head about some of the major changes that have happened to Drupal.

Plugin API

How to use the Drupal 8 Plugin api

With the switch to using Symfony in Drupal 8 as part of it's core functionality we also have recieved access to a lot more powerful tools than previously available to Drupal developers.  One of those very powerful and promising tools is the new Plugin API.

Creating blocks

How to create a block in Drupal 8

Creating Custom blocks in Drupal 8 are a little different these days thanks to the change to the new Symfony api.

Myth about Drupal

10 Myths About Drupal & Why They are Wrong

Drupal has been on the scene for over 15 years now, which speaks volumes for its durability. Yet myths about Drupal have been lingering online since it’s inception and are still going strong.

Choosing whether employee or freelancer

Fixed Cost vs Hourly – How to Pay a Contractor to Redesign Your Website

Let’s face it, websites need to be redesigned regularly and the adage “you get what you pay for” applies big time.

How do I start

6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Starting Your Own Business

Are you thinking about starting your own business? Are you also having some second thoughts about it?

Ask yourself these 6 questions to determine if starting an online business is the right choice for you.

Nail the goal

Nail These 3 Things in a Venture Capital Pitch and Clinch Investment

Some entrepreneurs seeking venture capital may think that their business idea is enough all by itself to attract investors, like it’s a no brainer and will pay off within a year. While your enthusiasm for your idea is vital, this line of thinking is dangerous.

Mobile App Development

Xcode – A Revolution in Designing Apps

Since it began, Apple has constantly refined and revised every aspect of its operation and its products. Programmers are always delighted when Apple “does it again” with something revolutionary.